If you’re looking to get started in the property business, you’re in the right place!

What You Will Learn

Property Mindset

Property Mindset

This is the primary building block for every successful entrepreneur. If you get the mindset right, you’re one step closer to success.


Sales & Negotiation Tactics

With over 7 years of experience, and having learned from some of the worlds leading sales experts. Grant Cardone, Jordon Belford to name few. I’ll show you everything they’ve taught me and more to land your property deal.


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Opportunity Marketing

This is where I’ll share with you some offline and online strategies to find property deals and investors to grow your business.


Traditional Investment Strategies

Learn how to analyse and differentiate what is a good ‘buy-to-let’ and what is a good ‘buy-to-flip’ property. This will help you determine whether a property is a good fit for your portfolio or better-positioned to an investor.


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Property Trading

I’ll share with you everything you’ll need to know to set up your property business and earn upwards of £3,000 per successful property deal.


Investor Pitching

Finally, I will give you a specific game plan for you to implement and take your property journey to the next level from the moment you leave our event. We will equip you to start making inroads towards your next professional milestone in property.


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Your Property Game Plan

In this section, I will share with you the method I personally implemented to raise over £1 Million within 30-days. Including the sales funnel, tactics, pitch, the works!


Bonus Material

All Property Trading Academy members will receive exclusive content and resources included as part of the course.
Power Team


You are going to get access to my full team that has taken me 4 Years to perfect and get right. This includes my Solicitor, Builder, Mortgage Broker, Lettings Agents, and Estate Agents.


You will also get access to the contract templates that use on a day to day basis to sign up investors and sign up motivated sellers.


This is your guide to stay on track in terms of compliance and having the correct insurances in place in order for you to carry out all of the Property Trading Academy content.


This is my personal Deal Calculator that my team and I have created to analyse all of our property deals. It is simple and easy to use way of determining if a deal is a “DEAL” or not.


This will be one of your greatest tools to use throughout your property journey. In here will be everyone that is out there, doing deals that have come from our course. In here you can network, ask questions, collaborate with others, and most importantly do deals with other like minded people.