Its been a few days now since recess course on property flipping, I just wanted to say how extensive the course was and how useful it was I honestly didn’t think there would be that much information given, because honestly, I was quite sceptical, I was like, why would you want to share your success on how you got successful and how you got your tips with us but I can honestly say from doing the course that he genuinely wants to see people doing well and that there’s enough in the market to go around basically especially at the moment so yeah I just wanted to say how informative it was, we actually did it over two days because we had loads of questions and the layout Reece didn’t run away with anything he didn’t skip through everything he just totally took his time kept reassuring us that if we wanted to stop, and I think that’s quite important because sometimes it’s like a race through and you kinda go I don’t know what you’re talking about and you just feel like it’s been a waste, but honestly he couldn’t have been anymore helpful and as for a mentor as well you can tell he’s so passionate and just wants you to do well, because everyone’s got a different situations whether you’re in a job still or doing it part time or doing it on the side or making it your whole goal, honestly I cant recommend it enough. The information he gave us and the hope as well that you can do it and you don’t need to go to uni and you don’t need to have a degree and that’s not the way you need to do everything. And that was the biggest thing I took away from it away from it. That actually there is hope and it possible without going back and doing4 years. So yeah I definitely recommend it and thank you so much again, Reece, it has been totally invaluable.


I’ve just come to the end of Reece’s two-day course at the Property Training Academy and it’s blown me away it’s been unbelievable, I’m ready to go now. Just a little bit about me beforehand, I got involved and started educating myself, about 3 or 4 months ago in property, just reading books and listening to podcasts and stuff, getting involved following people on social media that were already involved in the property game so after doing that I thought it was time to invest myself a wee bit, to take on a course to learn further information and actually begin to grow a business from there so I thought Reece was good to go with because I’d been speaking to Reece about 3 months ago, had a call with him, spoke to him ever since then, gained his trust, and I thought he was the person to go with and I believed he would give us everything we needed so went for it and never looked back. I feel like after that two-day course I’m on the right track to just go ahead and build business and go for it. It’s what I want to do so it’s down to me now to put in the work. But, the content I’ve received will help be able to help benefit that so much. Loved the course as well, got involved in different strategies I didn’t know about, different aspects of the business you could go into such as a Source or being a Strategist which is really good because it shows you all those different aspects as to whether you want to do a quick sale business, get marketing strategies up, building a website, attracting the motivated sales or if you want to go through yourself and set up a company, and go through LinkedIn attracting investors and go source with peoples you can go 50/50 I think that’s a goodway to build a business, to be honest, and I think that’s the scenario I’m going to take, go down the strategist route. For Reece’s course I’d say it was really good in terms of we all got to engage with each other it was good that Reece brought in his broker and someone else that he’s worked with into the call yesterday and his mortgage broker today, it’s good to meet them well. It gives you a feel for what they’re like and gives you the confidence to just get in contact with them as soon as you’ve got some business for them. The negatives, I wouldn’t really have any negatives at all, it was good, really good, I thought at first it was going to be a long day because originally it was planned for one full day but in the end, we split it up from about half 8 to 3-4 and then today from 11 till about 3o’clock and I thought that worked perfectly because it meant you had an agile mind for the next day. Thanks, Reece

Lewis Alexander

Hi guys, I’m Lewis Alexander, I’m 21 years old from Edinburgh, currently a university student and I work part-time at Tesco. I decided to take it upon myself to get educated, I first started with your free resources, the likes of YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and built up a lot of knowledge from there before I decided to go on Reece’s Trading Academy. I managed to get in contact with Reece through LinkedIn, I was trying to build up my knowledge and I found Reece put a post out about a property that he was taking on and doing refer on, a kind of buy to flip project that really interested me and I wanted to find out more about it. So I had a call with Reece and built you a good trust and a good relationship with him and decided to go on his Trading Academy and since doing that I’ve never looked back, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Reece provided us with lots of knowledge on how to set up your own business and he provided knowledge of how to set up as an investment strategist where we have to put no upfront costs and we go after investors and other sources and we work together as a team and we’re sort of a middle man. And the second strategy he gave us was how to set up a home buyers company which I’m actually setting up at the minute, where I’m setting up marketing strategies and I’m having to put more money on the table that way. But with the investment strategist side of things, what I’m doing at the minute, it’s been a month since we’ve done Reece’s Trading Academy and I’m currently processing my first deal, so I found an investor and I worked out his investment criteria then found him a property overing Glasgow, a nice 2 bedroom flat a nice cash purchase which makes things easier, and we’re going ahead with that and it’s just going through the solicitors at the moment, and we’re going to hopefully get that deal finalised within the week. Reece has essentially given us his secret recipe as to how he’s done so well and he’s got so much success and now we’re currently working on that and I’m trying to follow in his footsteps. I’ve managed to build a good relationship with Reece over the past couple of months and I’m always on the phone with him always dropping a text he’s always on the other side helping me along the way and I feel like his Trading Academy has been really beneficial in my journey.” -secured a deal 3 months after taking the course.

Unknown Source

I’ve recently completed Reece Devlin’s Property Trading Academy and could not recommend it enough for anyone with even the slightest of interesting getting started on their property journey. Like, the knowledge, the content, the confidence I’ve taken from that 2-day course is unbelievable, really is second to none. From mindset to raising finance, how to find investors, how to talk to investors, how to close deals with investors is really something I didn’t know about before starting the course. Since finishing the course I’ve set up my own investment company, and I’ve started viewing properties for investors as well, which is something I couldn’t imagine myself doing a year ago. The cost of the course is nothing as well in the grand scheme of things when you think about it, when you look at the big picture, the value that you get from Reece, hoover-delivers in value and content without a shadow of a doubt, so if you implement that, if you really go hard on and aggressive at it with what he’s given you, you’ll get your investment back tenfold without a doubt, within a relatively short time!